October 24, 2007

Compassion International

...my friends and I had the privilege of driving up to Chimaltenango with Compassion Int' staff to see first hand the way the Lord is using this amazing ministry...it was one of those face hurting because I am smiling so much days...but, how could you help it, with the beautiful faces of hundreds of mothers and children beaming right back at you, testimony of the love of Jesus already shining in their lives through Compassion!! Most of you probably know about Compassion, how they come along side families in support, sponsor children, school and educate them, feeding programs, working through native Guatemalans and coming along side churches so they are enabling the people to help their own people on many different levels and on levels all of us can be involved in, making a difference...it was such a wonderful afternoon and I am so blessed by this ministry!!!!! http://www.compassion.com/about/where/guatemala.htm


Anonymous said...

I could look at your blog JUST for the photos; they are so awesome. And then there is also your oh, just slightly great writing skill, that never fails to bring me to tears and/or laughter.
We're praying for you guys!!!!
Love, Kendra

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

I miss that face of yours!!!

Dawn Frautschy said...

I clicked on your blog link from a friend's blog, and it just puts a smile on my face every day that I am able to look at all the wonderful work that you do. I live vicariously through you since right now I am working full time as an RN and also going to school full time getting my Master's. Some day I hope I can even touch the lives of a few special children like you do on a daily basis. Your photos are just so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

oh the faces of the beautiful children and people of guatemala..... their beautiful faces haunt me..... I can not get them out of my mind and my heart aches to return...... I live thru your blog and hang on your words.


Lance and Heather said...

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John Dee Spicer said...

Love the pictures, Melissa, but love your heart for the people around you even more. Jill

Christina said...

I found your blog from someone else's(Lindsey's). I too could just look at your blog for the pictures. I miss Guatemala so much and hope to one day take our family back to visit our little guys homeland.

Amy said...

Hi, Melissa! I'm a friend of a friend of Katie's, and have been reading Sharon's and your blogs for a while. I didn't even know you were trying to go home! I thought you were staying there for all of this awesome missionary work you do! I'll start praying! - Amy C., Dallas, TX

Greta Jo said...

Hi Melissa, I found your blog through Becca's. The photos posted on your blog gives me goose bumps. I will be doing missionary work in Guatemala with Dick Rutgers in September.
I look forward to following your journey.

Becca said...

Hey - I know a couple of friends of yours here in the states. (Erin, Lindsey) I'll be coming with Greta Jo (who has a comment above mine) in September and I would love to meet you! Can you e-mail me when you have a moment? Thanks!


Peace and Hugs,

Me, Andrea...The Andrea with tatoos or the Andrea who homeschools? Or me the Andrea who supports her husband 120%? said...

Melissa -

Tracking you down girl~~

I saw you and Madie on The Wheeler's family blog (it's a small world!) and it made me MISSSSSS you two so much!!!

WHEN you get a chance, email me:

andrea cockrum @yahoo.com

Jim and I are desperately missing Guatemala!!! who'd have thunk it??!! haha


Celular said...

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Mary Margaret said...

Dearest - you so need to post again!! =) I love you!!

Andrea said...

I second your MOTHER from JUNE 19th...

"Dearest...You need to post again.."

There's been some..um...NEWS that we are all dying to here details of!